Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I'll try

Whenever I read blogs... I always would like my blog site to be that way... always updated.. lots of photos etc... but then due to my super duper hectic schedule juggling my time working, taking care of my baby and husband, planning (sometimes prepping) meals, training and the like i find it difficult to create a new post. But I do enjoy looking back at the things i previously wrote. It's like an online diary where memories are logged and readily available upon logging in. In as much as i enjoy reading them - i am fond of writing as well so starting today.. I will try.. try to post at least 1 blog post per week. I don't have a theme for this blog that I have unlike others who is focused on travels, beauty tips, food trips, etc... I'd like this to be an anything goes type of blog so that I am free to express anything goes under the sun like what my previous posts were.

I don't expect to have followers cause I'm not that creative type of a writer. My target audience is me.. probably my daughter and husband might have the time to read this cause this is about me, my family and my life. For those who'll be able to pass by.. I hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

There is hope

Today... unexpectedly I received a call from someone inquiring about the post I've created (I can't even remember when and which site I've made the post) about the made-to-order food wherein I am offering different dishes that is made-to-order. At first, I don't know how to respond to her since she is my first customer. I initially would like to reject the opportunity but then again.. I've waited for this. There's a reason why I made that post and the reason is this.
I hope that this endeavor is a start of something for us. I really would like to venture into something on top of what I am currently doing. I love my job... but I'd like to do more. I want to work on something that I know I'm good at -- and I know I'm in control... Hmm what are those? Not too many to mention but still I have testimonials that I'm good at it.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Early Christmas Gift

iPod Touch 3rd Gen 32 GB!!

Thank you Baby!

Monday, September 28, 2009

September 26, 2009: Sad day for Filipinos

We were scheduled to leave Manila at 09:45AM of September 26. I have been excited to go on a trip with my husband since the day I booked a flight to Coron Palawan. So the week of September 21 - 25, I've been so busy packing up and listing the things that we need for our trip. I bought a new snorkle for Erick, a coverup for my swimsuit, accessories, sunglasses and chips. The batteries of our camera are fully charged. I even borrowed my cousin's camera which can take underwater photos. So we're all set and ready to go...

Then the 25th of September arrived... there have been news of a tropical depression in the Philippines. It rained that Friday but not that hard that would make us worry about our trip. I've been "Googling" for weather forecast and from what I've been seeing there will be 60% chances of rainfall -- in my mind, at least I have 40% probability of sunshine so that's enough for me not to lose hope. I was working NA shift (11pm-11am) that week so I was awake all the time. The rainfall is getting louder and louder. I've been praying that the downpour will stop by the time that we will be onboard the plane. Still, I was optimistic... By 4am of Saturday, I'm almost done with all the work i need to finish so I lay in bed for a short nap. Six o'clock AM Erick already finished preparing breakfast and started to wake me up to get ready for our trip.

Seven o'clock we're both ready. We picked up all our stuff and headed outside to wait for a cab. It was raining but just light rain. When we finally were in the cab, the driver told us that all flights were cancelled. Of course, we did not immediately believe it so what I did was to call the airlines' call center to confirm. It took awhile before I finally get the chance to talk to someone from the airlines and they told me that all flights are still on schedule.

Being with my husband, we're always the 'early bird'... so when we get to the terminal, we didn't experience waiting in long lines for our boarding tickets and we immediately found ourselves at Gate 134 where we are expected to wait until the carrier is finally ready for boarding. We were nearing 09:15AM (our boarding time) and an announcement was made that there would be a slight delay on our flight because of weather conditions. We were also scared to go but finally, we were given the go signal to board the plane. Inside the plane, we waited a long time and when we felt that the plane is about to take-off we're both excited and nervous... then the plane stopped. And eventually, it was announce that our flight was cancelled. Since our cellphones are off, we don't know what time it is but I'm guessing that it is lunch time.

When we're finally off the plane and outside the terminal, we immediately thought of going home. We called my papa's cellphone and he told us that it was flooded everywhere and at that time, he has no way to fetch us because any vehicle won't be able to make it through the flood. What Erick and I did was to ride again a cab but when it finally reached SLEX, it was deadend for us. All vehicles are jammed. Not able to pass through the flooded streets. People are out of their vehicles scratching there head trying to find an alternate way to get out and to go home. Well, sad for them and sad for us. We're stucked.

It was past lunch and Erick and I were already hungry so we headed back to the airport's terminal 3 and in front of it is McDonalds. We both were soaking wet but since we're packed with clothes, after we have ordered our food, I told Erick to change his clothes. After he has changed, I also changed in to a dry and more comfortable clothing. So at Mcdo we waited. We waited for hopes that vehicles would be able to pass through the flooded streets. That either my mom or dad would be able to pick us up. That we will not stay there till morning...

Luckily, my ever loving papa found a way to fetch us. 9PM still at McDo.. I heard him shouting and signalling me we're he's parked... I was so happy seeing him there..

Oh that day... the day when "Ondoy" hit the Philippines was very tragic not only for us but also for those whose house got flooded... those who died of drowning and suffocation... those who tried to get away from the flooded waters by passing through electric wires but eventually died because of electrical shock.. To those who have been devastated by this tragic event... I pray that eventually, everything will be ok...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Today, I received a call from the recruitment agency which was handling my job application at Singapore and they told me that I didn't pass the Biographical Interview and that the employer doesn't want to progress on my application. This is a sad thing for me because I really am not happy anymore with where I am. This job application is the only light I have which I am looking forward to. Now it's all gone.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

From Miss to Mrs

It's been awhile since I last posted a blog. I've been so busy with the wedding preps that I can't find the time and inspiration to blog. From the last time I've last posted to now there has been a lot of changes in my life. One of which is that I am no longer Miss Raleine-Ann Ayala - my new name is Mrs. Raleine-Ann Asis.
Being married was not much of a huge change on my end because Erick and I have been inseperable ever since the time we started the wedding preps which was more than a year ago. I am very happy with our relationship. Erick has been very patient, loving, understanding and caring. I'm happy that nothing has changed between us - we're still the same two people in-love and wanting to share a life of togetherness the way we were when we were just in a relationship.
Like any other couples... there are still a lot of things we argue about but still it's a good thing that in the end our love wins over all the differences we have.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

without him

Today and until Sunday... I will be spending my days without the love of my life Erick.. Together with his cousins and my dear papa, they went up to Baguio for their 'For The Boys' session.. With a few hours being apart (its 12NN right now) and he left about 4am ... hmmm 8 hours na pala.. i really miss him so much. but it's ok. it's fine.. he deserve some time off.. i'll just look forward to Monday.. the day when Erick and i will be together again. :-)